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Maurice Binder designed the gun barrel opening at the last minute, by pointing a pinhole camera through a real gun barrel. Connery didn't film the sequence until Thunderball Barry arranged and orchestrated Norman's theme to produce the theme as it is known throughout the world. Bond was English, and Connery was Scottish, Bond was from an upper-class background, and Connery came from a working-class background, Bond was refined and educated, and Connery was too rugged. After seeing this movie, Fleming softened and decided that Connery was perfectly cast.


The first scene Sir Sean Connery filmed as James Bond is the sequence in the Kingston Airport where he passes a female photographer and holds his hat up in front of his face. The filming date was January 16, During the initial briefing, M says that he recently was put in charge of MI7. Bernard Lee originally said MI6 during the take, but this has been overdubbed, possibly for fear of offending the real-life organization. In later Bond movies, however, clearly works for MI6. James Bond sings "Under the Mango Tree" in this movie, and is notable for being the only time James Bond has ever sung in a Bond movie.

He was particularly impressed with the fist fight Connery has with a village bully at the climax of the movie. Broccoli later had his wife Dana Broccoli see the movie and confirm his sex appeal. Still, for publicity purposes, there was a contest to find the perfect man to play James Bond. Six finalists were chosen and screentested by Albert R. Broccoli , Harry Saltzman , and Ian Fleming.

The winner was a twenty-eight-year-old model named Peter Anthony who looked the part, but completely lacked the acting technique to play it. Beginning with Goldfinger , the "armorer" would forever be known as "Q" for "Quartermaster". The character of Boothroyd first appeared in Ian Fleming 's original Dr. No novel. The real-life Boothroyd appears in a vintage featurette included on the Blu-ray, demonstrating the relative effectiveness of Bond's Beretta, PPK, and his own favorite gun, the Ruger. This detail was included in the novel, and later included in this movie, establishing part of the Bond legend.

No, Dr. Fu Manchu, in several movies. Coward turned down the part by replying with a telegram that read, "Dr. The role went to Joseph Wiseman , the only early Bond villain not to have his voice dubbed by another actor. Ken Adam 's sets so impressed Stanley Kubrick that he hired him the following year to be production designer on Dr. Ursula Andress ' salary for her appearance in this movie was six thousand dollars. It was her task to re-create Andress' voice, but give it only a mild accent. Andress' singing voice is sometimes credited to Diana Coupland , but this was also Nikki. This confusion mainly arises because Ms.

Coupland's recording of the song was included on the original soundtrack album release for this movie.

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Andress and Eunice Gayson were dubbed by the same actress. Gayson's real voice can be heard in the theatrical trailers for this movie, included on the DVD release. Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli , the original producers of the James Bond movies, cast Sir Sean Connery because they liked how he was a big, tough-looking man who nonetheless moved gracefully "like a cat". According to Inside 'Dr. No' , the introduction of the James Bond character utilizes a technique which is an homage to the William Dieterle movie, Juarez starring Paul Muni.

This technique is performed using a series of close-ups of the character without revealing the face, cross-cutting with the other characters in the scene and the gambling table. Finally, the face of the person is revealed, stating his name, "Bond, James Bond. Although there are persistent rumors that Ursula Andress was naked in the shower scene to clean her of radiation, closer inspection reveals that she is wearing a nude-colored one-piece swimsuit. When Bond enters his apartment at the beginning, and finds Sylvia Trench playing golf, she was originally supposed to be nude, but the censors objected to this.

Skyfail: The 5 Worst James Bond Films

To get a feel for the clothes, Director Terence Young asked Sir Sean Connery to sleep in his finely tailored suit which was purchased at Anthony Sinclair and made for him to play James Bond. She is naked except for a wisp. Producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli were adamant that this movie be directed by an Englishman, someone cultivated enough to understand the world of Minnie Simpson in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica. Simpson had been a fan of the Ian Fleming James Bond novels. Two weeks before filming was due to start, the part of Honey Ryder was still to be cast.

The producers then saw a photograph of a then-unknown Ursula Andress in a wet t-shirt, and offered her the part without even meeting her. Some sources claim that the photograph allegedly featured Andress in a wet t-shirt competition. First feature film filmed on-location in Jamaica, although the production crew was British. Jamaica became independent from the United Kingdom on August 6, , just two months prior to the release of this movie.

Broccoli reportedly thought her breasts were too small. The movie's line "Bond. James Bond. The first of three times James Bond's apartment is shown.

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The others being Live and Let Die and Spectre The initial reason that MI7 launches an investigation, mysterious radio interference being picked up at Cape Canaveral, isn't as far out of the question as one might think. A memorandum to the Pentagon in the year this movie was released, reported unusually heavy radio emissions from Cuba, and that if John Glenn 's upcoming orbit of the Earth were to fail, a case could successfully be made whether true or not of Cuban sabotage.

Ian Fleming wrote the story of 'Dr. No' in for an episode of a never-produced television series, "James Gunn Secret Agent", with the episode being titled "Commander Jamaica". Fleming based the character of Dr. No on Sax Rohmer 's Dr. Fu Manchu. A sequence extracted from the final cut had Dr. No forcing Bond to radio Felix Leiter, telling him that he had discovered nothing of any interest on Crab Key in return for a less painful death for both Bond and Ryder.

Dolores Keator was given the role of Strangways' secretary because she owned the house in which the crew were shooting. The white bikini worn by Ursula Andress in the movie was sold by her at Christie's Auctions in London on February 14, for thirty-five thousand pounds sterling. It was purchased by Robert Earl of Planet Hollywood, and with commission and tax fees, the total was actually around forty-one thousand pounds sterling.

Before the auction, the bikini had been estimated to fetch forty thousand pounds sterling. Costume Designer Tessa Welborn ordered three of the bras, covering them in cotton, and refining the design. The belt seen in the movie was made from a white webbing Army belt, with brass fittings and a scabbard. After this movie's release, bikini swimwear sales skyrocketed.

A deleted scene featured Honey Ryder waiting in her room in the finale, armed with a bottle of booze. When Bond arrives, she collapses into his arms and Bond catches both her and the bottle. With a manly dash, he pops the cork from the bottle with his teeth, takes a good belt, throws the bottle away and sweeps Ryder into his arms, carrying her to safety. In the source novel, the full names of Honey Ryder and Dr. No are Honeychile Rider and Dr. Julius No. Honeychile is the last surviving member of an old sugar plantation family, and was raised by the family servants.

The freelance photographer is named Annabel Chung. Puss-Feller's name means he wrestled an octopus, but this movie changed this to an alligator, rendering the name meaningless. The Professor was not named Dent, and was not a villain. There was no evil chauffeur and no Felix Leiter the latter was in other novels. The novel "Dr. The movie scene of Bond getting his Walther is very similar to the corresponding scene in the book. When M says that Bond's Beretta jammed on his last job, he was referring to Bond's mission to recover the Spektor called "Lektor" in the movie decoder.

He is also the son of Blanche Blackwell , who was neighbor, friend, and lover of Ian Fleming. He makes a cameo in this movie, as the tall blond man dancing at Puss Feller's club. Blackwell would later own Ian Fleming's Goldeneye estate after , one of its previous owners was reggae musician Bob Marley.

Most types of card games ever seen in a James Bond movie totalling four. Bond is seen playing the latter three. For a long time, this film was tied with Goldfinger as the shortest James Bond movie in the EON Productions official series, with a running time of one hour and fifty minutes. Quantum of Solace is now the shortest at one hour and forty-six minutes. Honey Ryder emerging from the sea is one of the most iconic scenes in the James Bond film franchise, and something that Ursula Andress is famed for to this day. Andress admits bewilderment: "It's a mystery. All I did was wear this bikini, not even a small one, and whoosh!

Overnight, I made it. James Bond Creator Ian Fleming based the Dragon Tank on a marshlands swamp utility vehicle, with very large wheels, which he had seen in , on the island of Inagua in the Bahamas. In the original novel, the scene in which Bond escapes "imprisonment" worked a little differently. No had actually had an obstacle course set up to challenge Bond. At the end of the obstacle course, there was a seaside cage, with a giant squid inside. This movie altered and toned down all of this, and the "obstacle course" idea got lost in the translation from novel to movie.

In the following scene, a sequence involving Honey Rider being tied to the ground and attacked by a swarm of crabs was scrapped, because many of the crustaceans arrived frozen, dead, and damaged. In the movie, as shown, water was the threat instead. Due to the low budget, only one sound editor was hired normally there are two, for sound effects and dialogue , and many pieces of scenery were made in cheaper ways, with M's office featuring cardboard paintings and a door covered in a leather-like plastic, the room where Dent meets Dr.

No costing only seven hundred forty-five pounds sterling to build, and the aquarium in Dr. No's base being magnified stock footage of goldfish. Broccoli gave him a golden pen to compensate, saying that he did not want to spend money making the credits again. The sounds of birds whistling were made by a child's bird call whistle. The studio cabled Producer Harry Saltzman of this information. However, United Artists later rescinded this decision and agreed with the producers' casting choice.

There is a longstanding rumor that in the early drafts of the script, Dr.

Kevin Patrick Leech

No turned out to be a monkey. When first approached by Producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman , Screenwriters Wolf Mankowitz and Richard Maibaum discarded most of the source material and wrote a story treatment about a shipping magnate called Buchwald attempting to blow up the Panama Canal.

No was a monkey god worshipped on the island, and the villain kept a Capuchin monkey as a pet. Broccoli and Saltzman told them to try again and this time stick more closely to the source material. Mankowitz was dissatisfied with the script and had his name removed from the credits. Harry Saltzman picked Joseph Wiseman for the title role because of his performance in Detective Story The actor had special make-up applied to evoke Dr.

No's Chinese heritage. Terence Young decided to inject much humor, as he considered that "a lot of things in this film, the sex and violence and so on, if played straight, a would be objectionable, and b we're never gonna go past the censors; but the moment you take the mickey out, put the tongue out in the cheek, it seems to disarm. John Stears was asked to help with the miniatures.

He had only a budget of one thousand pounds sterling for the effect of the destruction of Dr. No's fortress. It's a FN easily distinguishable by the FN logo on the grip. The reason is that the prop department couldn't get a silencer fitting the PPK. When this movie turned fifty years old on October 7, , the song "Skyfall" for the upcoming James Bond movie of the same name sung by Adele was released for the first time at GMT. In order to avoid any focus being pulled from Connery, Lord was replaced in Goldfinger and subsequently every future Leiter appearance with a shorter, more conventional looking American actor in order to keep Bond in the spotlight.

Also, Lord wanted more money, a bigger part, and equal billing with Connery. After the release of this movie, Lord did the same thing a few years later with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry after Jeffrey Hunter did not receive a callback to appear in the second pilot when the role of Captain James T. Kirk was being cast. Lord did not want a large sum of money, but to co-produce the series, but the executives from Desilu Studios ironically, now part of CBS Television Studios and Roddenberry declined the offer which led to William Shatner cast in the iconic role.

It wasn't until the middle of when he read for the part eventually landing a lead role as Steve McGarrett on the classic Hawaii Five-O , which ran until During its fifth season, Lord did share a scene with Shatner when he was a guest star. As part of Hawaii Five-0 , there are references and homages to the official James Bond film franchise, where actors who appeared in a Bond movie have guest-starred.

This movie's United States release was stalled by the political climate after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

President John F. Kennedy was a big fan of the James Bond novels, but he only lived to see this movie. The first take was Slate at a. Many of the cast and crew including Director Terence Young had been late arriving on-set due to harsh cold and inclement weather. The charred trees in the area where Bond confronts the Dragon Tank are part of the sanctuary for rare birds that Dr.

No has disrupted. All mention of the sanctuary was deleted from the final cut. Samuel J. Friedman , head of national publicity for United Artists, hired glamor model Bunny Yeager to photograph Ursula Andress on-location in Jamaica during filming. Between takes and during camera set-ups, Yeager would take Andress to one side and photograph her amongst nature.

The item the freelance photographer smashes against the table-leg and uses to scratch Quarrel's face is a flashbulb. Flashbulbs as fitted to older cameras were made of glass and were single-use only. On June 20, , United Artists agreed to finance this movie after many studios rejected it on the grounds of "too British" and "too blatantly sexual. The producers met Sir Sean Connery , but were dubious as to whether the Scot could play the jet-setting character, as his background was a working-class Scot born in Edinburgh, who dropped out of school at the age of fifteen to join the Royal Navy.

He had several other positions, including lifeguard, milkman, and former Mr. Universe, before Connery's rugged appeal won him the role of James Bond. He was offered a multi-movie contract, with the allowance of being able to pursue projects outside of the Bond film franchise. Peter R. Hunt used an innovative editing technique, with extensive use of quick cuts, and employing fast motion and exaggerated sound effects on the action scenes. Hunt said his intention was to "move fast and push it along the whole time, while giving it a certain style", and added that the fast pacing would help audiences not notice any writing problems.

Terribly wet weather was a big problem for the crew. A script developed by Producer Kevin McClory , Screenwriter Jack Whittingham , and author Ian Fleming , reportedly titled "James Bond, Secret Agent" was originally going to be the first James Bond movie, but Fleming caused legal problems before any production could begin by writing and publishing what he thought of as "the book to the movie" without consulting the others.

This novel was published in , titled "Thunderball" by Fleming, and resulted in legal action by McClory. This legal action tied up rights to the script and story, and made McClory's participation problematic, so "Dr. No" wound up being chosen instead. Hires visually-striking employees with exciting names? Not particularly Cook, Wozniak, Ive. Indisputably Dr. Holly Goodhead , Jaws. Exclusive products allowing him to dominate market share?

Ability to create cult-like devotion? Convinced staff that coming to outerspace with him and then bombing everyone they know back on earth was a good idea. Questionable human resources practice? Had employees wear different colored jumpsuits according to sexiness. Legendary temper?

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Employees would avoid taking the elevator with him, afraid he would fire them by the time the doors opened. Got rid of an employee he was angry with by sending trained Dobermans to kill her in the woods. Words uttered with last breath. Oh wow. Fire up your iPad or your iPhone, and head on over to to iTunes for instant gratification.

I spoke to Gregg Greenberg of TheStreet. They did a great job adding clips from Skyfall, Goldfinger and Dr. Thanks, Gregg! Try it out!

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Which Bond Villain did Steve Jobs most closely resemble? The answer is finally revealed.


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