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In addition, other reports of its composition include: aluminum , persistent organic pollutants, silicon , alpha lindane, endrin , endosulfan 11, arsenic , and chromium.

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The practice of eating calabash chalk is observed by both sexes and different age groups of people of African descent, for the purpose of pleasure. However, it is prevalent among women, predominantly during pregnancy , who claim it prevents vomiting , over-salivation and nausea. When geophagical materials are consumed and come in contact with digestive fluids , they have the potential of releasing clinical or sub-clinical toxic effects on an individual. Another possible side effect of eating this geophagia is the alteration of growth rate and de-mineralization in the femur bone.

This stems from histomorphological changes that calabash chalk causes to the stomach and oesophagus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is an orphan , as no other articles link to it. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions.

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August Total weight gr. As you get 3 free samples.

Belgorod Chalk

Our assortimen is now more than 50 kinds of edible chalk, more than 26 kinds edible clay, as well as Shilajit Altai. If you have any questions, please email me. With the order we send samples for free. When reordering give gifts! We are putting all assorted assortment. Snowball: Chalk white, powdered, one of the voiced crayons. Dear customers, ZNAMENSKY - medium-hard, even closer to a soft, dry, taste the dust in the pellet, and then porridge, a pronounced taste of chalk, a feeling that crunches or icing sugar with buns.

Natural Cambrian blue clay. Without primissey and additives. Cambrian blue clay: absorbed and preserved the magic of the birth of earthly life, has universal properties.

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It is able to rid the skin of excess fat, tighten and perfectly tonify it. What is the uniqueness of this natural raw material? This type of sedimentary clay has a killer effect on the toxins of microbes, without affecting the state of healthy cells. This directly affects the skin condition and healthy color. The microelements contained in clay in combination with mineral salts are well absorbed by the human body and have a beneficial effect on the skin. The quality of clay contributes to the most delicate conduct of the micromassage, gently affecting the tissues.

Clay is a strong tonic stimulant, has an active anti-stress and anti-cellulite action. It is based on a variety of masks and special wraps. Cambrian clay contributes to the treatment of acne, regulates the fat content of hair, smooths wrinkles, preventing the appearance of new folds. Clay procedures in the form of baths, appliques and masks give excellent results. The body gets a rejuvenating beneficial stimulus. Vatutin- solid chalk, reminded me of baked milk, sweet, fat, milk, turns into a thick mush, almost no grains.

Very tasty.

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Dear customers want to present to your attention a special offer gr. This kit is assembled from various types of chalk. Get Potema accidental mixing of different types of chalk. Chalk crisp. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Shop Our Spreesy Store. Log In. Forgot account?

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Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. Edible chalk from the Orenburg and Belgorod regions of Russia. The description below. Edible chalk"Malomihaylovskiy" gr.

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  6. Edible chalk"Znamenskiy" gr. Edible chalk"Spike" gr. Chalk "Spike" - solid, has a lot of a lot of grains, chalky rather dry taste with a pronounced taste of writing paper, a grain See More. However they could develop a worm infestation or other parasitic and bacterial infections by eating dirt, she warned.

    She said women who ate soil should tell their doctors about their cravings so that a proper check could be done ascertain the cause, and to prescribe supplements such as iron, magnesium or zinc tablets where necessary.

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    She also suggested that women with soil cravings eat a lot of beetroot and liver because these foods carried a high iron content. It has been 10 years now and I have been admitted in hospital with gastritis more than three times. I often struggle when I go to the toilet and feel like I cannot continue life like this. If there was a rehab centre for people who eat soil, I would be the first one to attend it. There are various problems that ingesting soil can cause the human body by disturbing bowel movements or even causing a bowel obstruction.

    Dr Masuku said more doctors should question their patients on possible soil eating habits, so they could be diagnosed and treated. She said the media also had a role to play by informing communities of the dangers of eating soil, and explaining the need for soil addicts to seek treatment for the iron and mineral deficiencies that are the cause of their habit.

    Edible chalk

    There are positive and negative effects of eating soil, she said. For some, eating soil served a purpose: some found it prevented diarrhea, some used it to boost their appetite while others found it reduced their hunger. Today I still eat it. I buy two packets every time I am in town, and it only costs R7 a packet. I really enjoy eating it, but I know that I will be constipated and am now used to it. Gynecologist and obstetrician Dr George Lee Hough from Bethlehem said pregnant women eat soil as it soothes their morning sickness and it enhances their intake of calcium and other minerals that are needed for baby development and often because they lack of iron. admin