Utilitarianism and Empire

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Anderson , Danielle Allen and Timuel D.

Zastoupil on Schultz and Varouxakis, 'Utilitarianism and Empire'

He claims that this type of historical approach can help unmask the limitations of some popular current forms of academic philosophy. His blog post "On Not Seeing in Philosophy" September 29, is suggestive of the critical perspective characteristic of his work [14] Partly for such reasons, and because of his work in environmental philosophy, he has over the last three decades moved steadily away from the more Rawlsian and neo-Kantian frameworks that he was initially drawn to, in the direction of certain forms of consequentialism more characteristic of a Sidgwickian perspective, but with a greater emphasis on environmental issues and matters of diversity and inclusion.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bart Schultz,. Retrieved October 12, University of Trieste.

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April Henry Sigwick Eye of the Universe. Cambridge University Press. Retrieved 15 October Princeton University Press. American Philosophical Society.

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Rounded Globe. Retrieved 12 October American Philosophical Association. Utilitarianism and Empire is a timely and most welcome contribution to the recent revival of interest in the intellectual and ideological moorings of the British Empire. Containing an impressive and eclectic range of essays, this collection reminds us of the often intimate links between utilitarian philosophers and the administration of, not to mention rationalization for, the British Empire.


At the same time, these essays provide compelling proof that the links between empire and utilitarianism, while substantial, were never as coherent or as consistent as some have argued; thus, they undermine simplistic notions of utilitarianism's complicity, whether theoretical or practical, in the rise and maintenance of British global domination and the ethnocentric and racist arguments that sustained that authority. As the editors point out in their introduction, utilitarianism "was a rich, complex and conflicted historical movement" 4.

And while some of these contributors' positions have appeared before in various guises, this truly is a collection in which the sum is greater than the parts.

By having these essays together in one place, we are better positioned to appreciate the complex interplay that existed between utilitarianism and the global context from which it drew inspiration and which it in turn attempted to shape. The links between utilitarianism and imperialism have most often been probed and assessed through close scrutiny of those iconic thinkers associated with the philosophical movement: Jeremy Bentham, James Mill, and John Stuart Mill.

This collection continues that tradition, but by bringing together thoughtful and thought-provoking essays on each of these figures, as well as Henry Sidgwick, a more rounded appreciation of the philosophical divergences as well as the convergences becomes possible. Frederick Rosen considers Bentham's views on slavery, while Jennifer Pitts tackles the wider imperial ramifications of Bentham's legislative program. This is followed by Martha Nussbaum's reflections on how a commitment to equality informed J.

Mill's ruminations on happiness.

Professor Fred Rosen | Bentham Project - UCL - London's Global University

This volume, with contributions by leading scholars in the field, represents the first attempt to survey the full range of current scholarly controversy on how the classical utilitarians conceived of 'race' and the part it played in their ethical and political programs, particularly with respect to such issues as slavery and the governance of India.

The book both advances our understanding of the history of utilitarianism and imperialism and promotes the scholarly debate, clarifying the major points at issue between those sympathetic to the utilitarian legacy and those critical of it. Grand Eagle Retail is the ideal place for all your shopping needs!

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