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RSD Look at Schnitt , a truly unique duo hailing from Augsburg in Southern Germany. Comprising Moritz Illner and Markus Christ formerly Kitty Empire , who've been adding to their sizable arsenal of sonic tools e.

Declension and Plural of Schnitt

A contraption that allows them to go massive, to go meta: live-cutting his multi-instrumentalist partner's live parts to then add them as samples, in order to create even richer, thicker walls of sound, wilder improvisations. It's a spectacular approach -- because it's probably the most haptic and Rube Goldberg ian way to manually pull off what a sampling device normally does. I was its editor-in-chief between und Between and , I wrote and edited all English-language main programme publications of Berlinale Talents.


Among them publications on Stanley Kubrick, the Italian Westerns, on international short films and American television series. Eight selected film critics from all over the world are invited to the Berlin to write about films and Berlinale Talents events, supvervised by experienced mentors.

I regularly give talks or lectures at different Goethe-Instituts abroad or for institute members in the framework of film festivals like International Film Festival Hof or the Berlin International Film Festival. The subjects of the talks range from film historical topics to recent German film or film criticism. I studied film and television sciences, theater and German literature at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

As a publicist I regularly contribute to newspapers and film publications in print, radio and tv on recent and historic film and media topics; as a lecturer I teach film history and film criticism. Next to director Anne Fontaine, filmmaker Bady Minck, producer Philippe Carcassonne and actor Adrian Titieni we may choose two winners from an excellent selection.

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