Yeshuas People in the Shadow of Jesus

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This lesson will help students consider some of these scriptural types, shadows, and symbols that point us to the Savior.

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Church Educational System manual, , — Show several pictures of well-known signs or symbols such as the following:. After students identify the meaning of each sign, ask them for examples of other easily recognized signs or symbols. Divide students into pairs.

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After the pairs have discussed their findings, ask the class:. How would you state a central truth recorded in these scripture passages?

Students should identify the following truth: All things were created to testify of Jesus Christ. Genesis — John ; —18 ; Jacob —5.


Exodus —8, 10— Exodus , 5—7, 13—14, Exodus —15, John —10, 48— Leviticus , 30 ; Hebrews ; Leviticus —6, Hebrews —12 ; — Leviticus — Hebrews ; Doctrine and Covenants Numbers —9. John —15 ; Helaman — Jonah ; But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.

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  6. In John , Yeshua argues that since the religious leaders did not believe Moses, they did not accept Him as the promised Messiah. Any and every back-translation will always remain at the level of conjecture. A second flaw resulting from the first has to do with the authority of the biblical text. The author of Hebrews argues the Law was never a goal in and of itself, but rather it prescribed a system of worship that was divinely intended to point people to the Messiah. He writes about the tabernacle,. Though the New Testament teaches that the Messiah is the goal and fulfillment of the Torah as a whole, and the Law in particular, it is worth going back to the Torah the five Books of Moses to consider how Yeshua, Paul and the author of Hebrews came to such conclusions.

    Does the Old Testament Law Still Apply?

    Are their conclusions based on the grammatical-historical interpretation of the Torah the literal interpretation of the meaning intended by the original author or can one only arrive at such interpretations by reading the Torah through the lens of the New Testament writings? It is our conviction that the New Testament writers actually understood the original meaning intended by Moses when he wrote the Torah, and that we can come to these conclusions through careful reading and exegesis of the Torah itself. Are followers of Jesus under the Law?

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    Graduated with his B. Eitan's professional background is in "Multimedia Design and Visual Communications" working for various secular advertising agencies in Tel-Aviv. Why is the Breaking of the Law of Moses Anticipated? Breakthrough in Bahrain: Israel Recognized at Last! admin