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Even if his previous life was more pacific, the vampire count has the fighting instincts of the tiger who prowl unceasing, in Van Helsings words. The Director models Draculas tactical responses to the Agents attacks with this custom Vampyramid. It works just as described on pp. Since they have likely proven troublesome or dangerous, he uses rats in any urban area or owls in rural locales.

Spotting such unconventional surveillance this early in the showdown requires a Sense Trouble test of Difficulty 8 Difficulty 7 if the Agents spend Vampirology or whichever is more relevant among Outdoor Survival and Urban Survival. Even successful tests wont let the Agent determine how much Dracula knows, and its always more than he should. The spotter knows that its literally impossible to stay out of the sight of every possible rat in London, feral dog in Bucharest, or owl in Transylvania, but spending 2 points of Surveillance or Disguise per Agent every session helps minimize their exposure.

If the Agents fail to notice the surveillance or to spend to partially evade it , apply the Romania conditions on p. This may be part of a general security shadow agent. His goal is to know everything about the Agents human connections, just as he identified Mina and Lucy in In Romania, he uses Ruvari Szgani p.

Watching the watchers and back-tracing them to their superiors both likely Surveillance contests is a great way for the Agents to move up the Conspyramid. He did this to Renfield and Lucy in He must be in the same city as his target; his dream-sending cannot penetrate garlic or crucifixes. Treat Draculas dream-sending as a mental attack NBA, pp. He spends plenty of Aberrance to make this happen, especially if he is thwarted initially. Night One: Reveals the surface details of the Agent and her team; general competencies, standard worknames, etc.

Dracula and his minions now have a generic 3-point team pool NBA, p. Night Two: Gives up all the teams Network contacts including future contacts retroactively created from unspent points , Sources of Stability, and standard operational procedure known to the dreaming Agent. Dracula and his minions now lower their Difficulties or raise the Agents counter-operational Difficulties for any operation or contest against the Agents, including ambushes but not Hit Thresholds by 1.

Night Three: Gives up all the teams Safeties and all dark or deniable secrets known to the dreaming Agent. Dracula also secures a back door into the Agents dreams to let him top off his data on future nights. A Difficulty 5 test of Shrink or Hypnosis p. Or she just has to get used to the smell of garlic and the feel of a crucifix at night. The Agent remembers seeing Dracula in her nightmares, asking questions in his rasping, sepulchral voice, but not any specifics besides horrible imagery blood, rats, etc.

If the Agents are quick about it, they may be able to track the Duke back from the meet, or see Draculas traces in the terror cell he slaughters as his return favor to Edom. In case they dont notice it, as a backup he plants clues to its location on easily dispatched minion foes. He has a Renfield on overwatch to see how the Agents track its location when they find and open it, it holds either a feral vampire created from one of his recent kills; NBA, p. The goal here is twofold: learn how the Agents hunt for his coffins, and discourage the Agents from opening his boxes when they do find them.

After the opening, the surviving Agents best move is to track the Renfield back up the chain. This probably wont kill the target, but will help the Count assess the threat, and possibly identify sources of weapons or special gear. A Renfield may be tasked to observe the fight to perform just such an assessment; the Agents Sense Trouble may make them aware of that observer. Dracula plants a double agent in the targets circle: possibly a previously created Network contact, a plant rescued from a killing ground either another spy p.

An Edom triple agent the MI6 Lamplighter p. Dracula doesnt burn this double agent until Row Four or Five if he can avoid it. The double might not be a Renfield; he might merely be bribed or coerced into service. Any sources. Key contacts he Renfields. Hes richer, scarier, and better connected than the Agents can hope to be. His priority is contacts with access to the Agents safe house, but hell use anyone and everyone he can. Reaching Row Four ends this attack. The Count sends a surprising asset to make the offer, ideally a previously introduced NPC the Agents do not suspect of being his.

Even if the target refuses, Draculas minions treat him as though he accepted the offer: not killing him, putting money in his bank accounts to be accidentally found, slaughtering his enemies in Edom. Use elements from the Edom reaction pyramid below for specific flavor. His goal is to separate that Agent from her partners, and possibly open her up to influence or to the mistakes bred of isolation. Instead or in addition, of course, the site is a killing ground rigged for ambush: three times the Agents number of gunmen, two packs of wolves, three or four Renfields, etc.

Draculas goal here is not necessarily to wipe out the team, but to cause them to doubt the target Agent. And secondarily, to slow their investigation or abort it entirely. Dracula destroys as many of the Agents places of Safety as he can find and reach, in as dramatic and horrifying a fashion as he can contrive. If he hasnt successfully separated one Agent from the team, he sets up a feint in one part of the city and waits for the players to split the party at night.

He uses suborned Network contacts or his double agent if need be to make sure one Agent goes off into the dark alone. The attacked Agent can use Military Science or Vampirology to know his only hope is immediate escape. Even if the Agents dont get the message Back off, or Ill keep doing this , Edom does, and conveys it to the Agents with extreme prejudice at the earliest possible opportunity. His turned contacts or other go-betweens give the Agents a sense of how much more powerful and unconstrained he will be on his native soil perhaps this is a good time for them to go after Edom instead.

Ideally, the same minion who approached the team in Turn His Coat for Him p. Alternatively, a Duke of Edom theAgents have met acts as a go-between and offers immunity and possibly a job with Edom as in Recruit Agent p.

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He might, instead, use an illusion or a duplicate vampire or any number of other stratagems. For extra verisimilitude, he magically or tellurically triggers an earthquake to mark his alleged passing. Savvy players may note that theyre only on Row Four of the Vampyramid and suspect a trick; savvy readers may note that they just re-enacted the last section of Stokers novel, and it turns out that didnt end with Dracula really dead and gone either. The Director should welcome such suspicions. If the players actually convince themselves theyve won let them enjoy their illusions.

Run some other Nights Black Agents sessions for a while, or let them hunt Edom and then, a year or two later, comes word that Dracula has risen from the grave again. Drawes p. Depending on the flavor of the campaign, he may make this offer explicitly or leak the intel through a cut-out.

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He then sends that organization after the Agents, to make. His goal is to throw the Agents off balance, to make them turtle up so he can hunt them down and take them out. He picks one place in his network where he is at his most powerful likely his Castle p. While the Agents flail around, his minions and Edom who desperately want Dracula to resurface and go back to killing terrorists bleed them a long hunt is a tiring one.

If the Agents have survived this long, and gotten this close, their utter destruction is Draculas only priority. Edom may also, or instead, send the kill order it recognizes the Agents threat, too. Dracula burns Aberrance by night attacking the Agents minds; his wolves and Renfields harry their steps. The Agents should not be able to trust or depend on a single human or animal, or sleep the night through, from now until their or Draculas final death.

Theyre part of the British Establishment, and are at least nominally bound by rules of engagement. Their reactions, then, are a little more restrained than those of the Conspiracy. They throw around a lot more soft power, and they wont kill someone out of hand at the very least, theyll have a committee meeting about it first.

This reaction algorithm works in exactly the same way as the Vampyramid above start with any response on Row One and work your way up, targeting either an individual Agent or the whole group as appropriate. Much more than Dracula, Edom tends to react when the players are turtling up or the game is slowing down. The lead points away from any active Edom operations good options include Argentina p.

The aim here is to get the Agents out of Edoms way and tie up their resources. Under normal circumstances, the maximum duration of custody without charge is 24 hours, or 96 if the police suspect a serious crime, but if the magic word of terrorism is mentioned and its trivially easy to connect an Agent to terror ,. After a few days in a cell, the Agents released without a charge or an apology. Edom might be content to just let the Agent sweat, or use the jail time to sow dissent among the player characters, or arrange a prison beating or frame-up or send a friendly contact to help the Agent, like the MI5 Deputy p.

Of course, if the Agents carry serious Heat, they may face genuine charges once arrested. Its not an overt threat, just a piece of friendly advice thatll become a threat if its not heeded. The intercessor is sufficiently troubled by the whole experience that she temporarily becomes unwilling to help the Agent; a spend of Reassurance or another suitable Interpersonal ability gets her back in the game.

Sense Trouble or a spend of Urban Survival, Notice, or Tradecraft picks up the first tail; after that, its a contest of Surveillance to stay ahead of the watchers. Treat the watchers as a single entity with Surveillance 10 if you want, or else use the stats for Special Police NBA, p. The Edom team pulls back if confronted, but that just means a replacement team gets sent out in a day or two, and the Agent has to spot the tail again. If the Agent stays in one place, Edom box men bug the area tap any landlines,and plant laser microphones on any external windows and hidden cameras if they can get physical access.

This is a probing attack, not a full-scale assault, and will always be staged as something deniable like a bar brawl, crime of passion, mistaken identity, or accident for the benefit of witnesses but in the middle of the attack, the Edom leg-breaker whispers a warning to the Agent to stay away from the Dracula case. This attack works best on weedy analysts and hackers if all your Agents are super-skilled martial artists, then have Edom intimidate a contact or Solace instead. If the Agent is operating under a Cover, Edom digs up any criminal activity or legend attached to that identity, and the player must make a Cover test to ensure that Edom doesnt find out their real identity.

If the test fails, or if the Agent operates openly, then Edom gathers as much information as they can about the Agent. They wont use any of it yet. Network contacts and allies of the Agent may report odd visits by plainclothes police, or strange requests by the Home Office for old personnel files.

The intel is genuine but Edom can now predict the Agents next move, and so can either sic the Agent on a troublesome Conspiracy node or lay a trap. Good targets for this operation on the Conspiracy side include:.

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And within Edom: Hillingham p. An Accounting spend or Preparedness test means the Agent has squirreled away enough cash to keep going; otherwise, the Agent needs to take steps to acquire a new source of funding immediately. This might take the form of a frame job, a sex scandal, professional disgrace, sudden financial pressure, arrest on charges of possession of child pornography, allegations of drug abuse, or whatever else will ruin the target.

The more public the profile of the target, especially in the United Kingdom, the easier it is for Edom to bring them down. Agents with high ratings in High Society or Streetwise are particularly vulnerable to this pressure. Edom may attempt to turn the target against the Agent Well make these charges go away if you do us a favor or use the situation to blackmail the Agent You know what they do to kiddy-fiddlers in prison. If you want to save your brother, listen very carefully surveillance state: Edom surveillance of the Agent kicks into high gear. Facialrecognition software searches for the freeze.

The penalties for covert action in London p. Prince also launches hacking attacks on the Agents own computer systems, if any. Doing anything online without alerting Prince requires a contest of Digital Intrusion; failure means she traces the Agents IP and either gains access to the Agents computer or discovers his current location.

Escaping the digital net may mean fleeing the UK for a while, breaking into GCHQ and planting a virus which will rapidly lead to fleeing the UK in its own right , or else finding Princes lair and applying a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem. Anything that cripples the Agent for a long time a car accident, courtesy of Ian p. As long as Edom can plausibly deny having ordered an assassination without government sanction, collateral casualties are acceptable. That said, this is only Row Two on the Vampyramid this is a quick-and-dirty drive-by hit, not a grand opera.

The Agents contacted by one of the Dukes of Edom, likely Hound p. Just the two of them, somewhere public. A good restaurant, maybe and Her Majestys picking up the tab, so feel free to order the lobster. There, the Duke explains that everything is under control, that. Interrogation or experimentation by Dr. Escape is virtually impossible, so its up to the other Agents to mount a rescue. Fortunately, the hasty abduction left clues Traffic Analysis, Notice, maybe a tracking device planted with Electronic Surveillance or Preparedness that lead the rest of the team to the interrogation site.

The player of the captured Agent might play a newly recruited Legacy or Network contact for the duration of the rescue mission. Heat on the Agent by circulating proof that she is a terrorist mastermind. If necessary, the earthquake machine or Nails old crew in Ireland gets hauled out to create an atrocity that can then be blamed on the Agent.

At least one of the Agents Covers gets blown, and Network is severely impacted all Difficulties increase to the Heat level until the Agent can prove theyre not the next bin Laden. Edom goes to the media with this one the Agents face becomes a fixture on rolling news channels for a while. The Agent gets put on Draculas hit list too, for good measure. Edom offers the Agent official sanction.

Its a chance to come in from the cold and hunt vampires with the support and blessing of MI6. They offer funding, equipment, training, secrets, access to their networks, and a chance to take down the worst renegade vampires. In return, the Agent must give up his or her vendetta against Dracula Edoms goal is to harness vampires, not exterminate them.

Its for the greater good. This recruitment offer may be genuine, or it may be a ploy to recover the Dracula Dossier and eliminate the Agent. It may be offered to the whole group, or just to a single Agent. Edoms first assignment for the new recruit will be something distasteful and illegal, so they have guaranteed leverage over the Agent going forward.

Tradecraft recognizes the offer for what it is. Edom offers intelligence on a key node in Draculas Conspiracy. It might reveal the location of one of the Brides, or Count Orlok, or even Dracula himself assuming Edom has its own vampire in reserve. It might be the location of some relic or item that Edom wants liberated from the Conspiracy, or the identity of someone compromised by Dracula. Possible targets:. One of the Dukes brings the intel to the Agent, and its genuine confirmed with Military Science.

Taking down the target wont be easy, and may cost the Agent dearly, but Edom is playing fair in this case it merely opens the door. Its up to the Agent to enter freely and of his own will.

night's black agents

If the Agents have an antipathy toward a particular Duke, then Edom sets that Duke up for a fall. If the Agents are closing in on Edoms headquarters, then theyre given the opportunity to take out a lesser but still obviously important Edom base, like Hawkins house near Exeter p. Evidence planted by Edom implies that this is the end of the operation that Edoms finally done and dusted after more than a hundred years.

The surviving elements of Edom go underground, and wont appear again until later in the campaign make sure they come back with a blast. Alternatively, this may be a plot by Draculas mole in Edom, if such a traitor exists. Maybe the mole sells D the code name for Edoms head; see p. Edom has plenty of experience dealing with vampires, that the Dossier and Hopkins, p. Its conciliatory, friendly, and may even lead to a job offer see Recruit Agent, below.

The Duke may offer some useful intel, help the Agent by calling off some Heat, or advise on ways to deal with a troublesome supernatural foe. Edom might offer a payoff, or threaten supernatural badness if the Agents dont back off We have your daughters blood on file, you know it would be just terrible if He got a taste for her targeted earthquake: Edom deploys its Earthquake Device p. If the Agent is somewhere isolated, then Edom can cut loose with a major tremor wiping out a place of Safety with an impossibly localized earthquake or eruption is a suitably dramatic escalation.

If the Agent is in London or another urban center, then Edom just drops a building on them. The media blame fracking for the quake. In addition to the obvious damage, the earthquake machine is tuned to cause resonance between the telluric currents and the Agent this may require a sample of the Agents blood, obtained by Pearl, p.

Vampires can now sense the Agent at a distance in game terms, apply the rules for Draculas Conspiracy in Romania p. Geology, Photography, Vampirology, or Fringe Science may detect a strange lingering change in the Agents bioelectric field; finding a way to discharge this invisible brand ends the resonance. If youre not using telluric vampires p. Row Five: Necessity vampire : Edom sends its vampire to eliminate the troublesome Agent.

It may set up this attack with another targeted earthquake You havent invited me into your home? Thats fine Ill huff and Ill puff and Ill knock your house down or back its vampire up with an appropriate Duke and a hand of Jacks. Either way, its Edoms last thrust, the final spasm of an operation thats long outlived its natural life span. Why not try again? Edom reveals the Agents location to Dracula, and gives the Count a reason to turn the Agent into one of the Un-Dead maybe by planting or revealing evidence that the Agent is a Legacy,dosing theAgent with an extract of Lucy Westenras blood, or just appealing to the Counts cruelty.

Alternatively, Edom could break out a stored Vial of Draculas Blood p. Drawes conduct some bizarre transfusion. See the rules on Vampire Agents on p. Maybe one last revelation can stop the Agent and save the plan. D reveals something shocking or terrible, like:. The president of the United States? The Devil himself, called up using rites learned at Scholomance? An Agent? An unknowing latent vampire? Legacies and the Story Map Part of the fun of playing with source material like Dracula is the possibility of using the actual characters from the book or their descendants, at any rate as NPCs.

Or as PCs; see p. When using such Legacies, the Director should take care, as with any magnetic NPC, not to deform the storyline away from the players Agents. Nor should she drown the players in multiple-NPC arcana, even out of an understandable urge to color in her own version of the Stokerverse or to provide evocative backdrops for her campaign. If everything refers to Dracula, after all, nothing does the novels characters should with one aristocratic, blood-sucking exception remain secondary to the players characters. Number of Legacies As a rule of thumb, then, there should be no more than three Legacies playing active, visible roles in the story too many becomes too confusing, and uses up too much narrative oxygen.

One Legacy might be anything:innocent to be protected, secret warrior against Dracula pulling the Agents into her fight, loyal or questioning Edom asset, supplier of the Dossier, or minion of the Count. Two Legacies should be on opposite sides, either at the beginning or the end. If Tabitha Holmwood is actually an independent vampire slayer, Geerd Hoorn might seem like a fellow hunter until in the third act turn the Agents discover him to be a GRU agent running the Russian Orlok program.

Likewise three Legacies: no two of them should ever be able to team up against the player characters for spotlight space. Rather, the players should hold the balance in inter-Legacy rivalry; their actions should determine which Legacy survives and which one gets beheaded. Three Legacies will probably shake out to one Edom legacy, one outside-agency or free-agent Legacy, and one vampiric Legacy.

Which one is which might switch around during play either officially or behind the scenes as the Director retcons them to match intriguing current player speculation. Having a fourth or fifth Legacy turn. If the players are determined to hunt down every possible Legacy and that hunt is still fun after the third or fourth operation keep it coming, and try to tie other elements of the Dossier various nodes, locations, etc. Remember, many of the regular NPCs in this book can turn out to be Legacies, or be built that way on purpose by a Director who is feeding genuine player obsession.

Similarly, a surprise Legacy reveal at the climax of the story can work: the director of Edom, the mysterious D, is actually the current Lord Godalming; or perhaps one Agents trusted patron, killed by Dracula in the penultimate operation, was an electrically immortalVan Helsing all along. Pacing and Legacies As important as the number of Legacies is their pacing: introduce them gradually enough and use them sparingly enough that the story doesnt become a class reunion the Agents arent really invited to.

If each introduction comes with a strong and varying narrative agenda tied to the PCs, that works best and militates against just slapping in a Legacy for scenerys sake. It also provides some story relief from the constant warfare against and waged by Dracula. Heres a sample set of Legacy beats, tied to the Agents progress into the campaign as signified by which level of the Conspyramid theyve penetrated to: level 1:A Legacy gives you a lead covertly or.

Possibly this Legacy is who supplied you with the Dossier. This may later turn out to have been the Legacy trailing her coat for the Agents to find. Possibly they dont know which one, or possibly they saw Jacqueline Seward crawling along the ceiling. Possibly Dracula turned that Legacy, and her betrayal was postmortem. Getting around, flipping, or defeating that Legacy is a major challenge, one the other Legacies cannot or will not significantly help with.

Think in terms of strong story beats when a Legacy comes on stage in an operation: recruitment, betrayal, attack, assistance, life-or-death decision. Summing Up With four separate plot elements the Conspyramid, Draculas Vampyramid, Edoms pyramid,and the Legacy story beats potentially responding as the players move forward in search of Dracula, every level of the campaign can be as narratively rich, as murderously Gothic, and as thrillingly suspenseful as you like.

Dont overplan the goal of the campaign is collaborative, improvised play. But it never hurts to have some idea of what might happen next, even if youre letting the players decide where it happens, and to whom. Adjust the mixture in response to the players if theyre racing toward Castle Dracula too fast, hit them with an Edom or Dracula response.

If theyre trapped and gun-shy, bring a Legacy on stage to open up the story a bit. Whenever they slow down, suggest another dive into the Dracula Dossier. If theyre completely lost, you can bring up possibilities theyve abandoned, or remind them of clues theyve blown past. If all else fails, offer the analyst a choice of three leads to follow based on your experience and your wellhoned gut instinct. Dracula Death Race A shorter, more streamlined campaign might consist of a series of six rapidly escalating confrontations informed by leads from the Dossier, with each confrontation triggering one sort of blowback: Edom, Dracula, or Legacy.

Locations, etc. Dracula Scouts the Foe p. Edom tries Nullification p. A second Legacy appears. Dracula Turns a Solace p. The Agents devise a way to enter Romania covertly. If Edom has a vampire, it makes one last attempt to sanction the Agents; if not, a hit team of Dukes does the same.

Level 6: The Agents must choose whether to believe a Legacys lead. They track Dracula to his lair and destroy him at great cost, despite the Destruction p. Dracula Downfall By contrast, heres one possible spine for a lush, full-bodied Dracula Dossier campaign, again demarcated by Conspyramid levels. The players realize and discuss the possible scope of their actions. They decide on promising leads in the annotations. Edom realizes the Dossier is missing and sends assets to look at usual suspects like the Agents; full Surveillance contest or short counter-tracking op against Edoms duped Special Branch or local security police, if overseas agents.

If the Agents dont know vampires are real, this is the time to find out for sure a trusted patron or other ally or a Network contact theyve set looking into the Dossiers provenance independently crosses Draculas Conspiracy with gory results.


Dracula responds to interference with his Conspiracy with Scout the Foe p. First contact with a Legacy. Edom responds to interference with Dracula with Irritation p. The Agents may respond to either of Draculas attacks, still on Level 1. If they dont already have one or another promising lead from the Dossier , this response uncovers a clue leading up the ladder to Level 2. If the Agents havent discovered or encountered Renfields or Jacks, bring one of them on stage now. Dracula responds by attempting to Sow Dissension p.

The Agents discover a second Legacy, or confirm the existence of the single Legacy. Edom responds by attempting Nullification p. More of the Agents leads come into play, again sending them after other nodes on Level 2 or up to Level 3. Here they may feel out of their depth; the nodes on this level are potentially powerful, and Draculas assets have been deeply buried in their organization for decades or even centuries!

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A Legacy is not what she seems. This is a one-time thing: the Legacy might die in battle for the Agents, or die battling them but have a helpfully unsecured laptop in their car. Edom switches policy to Elimination p. Looking for him sets the Agents in competition or collision with Level 4 nodes and lots of Renfields. The Agents might well be in Romania at this point, but, even if theyre still clearing Draculas safe houses out of London, they represent a clear and present threat. A Legacy consciously or unconsciously obstructs the Agents from moving forward against Dracula or Edom.

Edom gets clearance for Drastic Action p. If Edom has a vampire, the Agents discover it or it discovers them or both. Same thing with outside actors and any outside vampires such as Orlok. A ladder of clues presents itself in the pages of the Dossier, and they climb it to Ring p. This development may have been instigated or aided by a Legacy. There are deep caverns and fissures that reach none know whither. There have been volcanoes, some of whose openings still send out waters of strange properties, and gases that kill or make to vivify. Doubtless, there is something magnetic or electric in some of these combinations of occult forces which work for physical life in strange way Van Helsing Given the emphasis in the campaign legend on volcanoes, caves, big boxes of mysterious earth, and mountains, consider adding this Academic ability to the Investigative list.

Pre-existing characters can freely convert rating points in Chemistry into Geology rating points. You are an expert on rocks, soils, minerals, and volcanoes. You can: analyze and identify soil samples, crystals, minerals, and so forth match soil or rocks to their locality of origin. Dracula takes advantage of their distraction to attack in flank with an Envelopment p. That attack exposes a Level 5 node to retaliation by the increasingly confident, knowledgeable Agents. Lesser vampires go down like ninepins now to clear the decks for the big boss fight.

This ability otherwise falls, with the rest of the material sciences, under Chemistry. The Agents track Dracula to his lair through his attempts to unleash total Destruction p. A Legacys ultimate fate lies in the hands of the Agents. The Agents destroy Dracula at great cost. The players arent the only ones who custom-fit and improvise a Dracula Dossier campaign. You, the Director, should ponder some fairly crucial questions in the name of narrative flow and story organization.

And one or two relatively weightless questions in the name of flavor and historical resonance. If this is a campaign with all-new Agents, any of a hundred MacGuffin methods can work: they find it covered with blood in a safe house, they get it from an informant. The Harker Intrusion, an adventure in the Edom Files adventure anthology, offers a default solution, but anything works. If you begin The Dracula Dossier as part of an ongoing Nights Black Agents campaign, its almost as easy to work the Dossier into your story. If one of the Agents already has a Network contact inside British intelligence, it might be Hopkins, or her cut-out.

If the Agents are already tracking vampire conspiracies in Europe, they may hear about Dracula being on the warpath and uncover the Dossier as a rumor: Dracula? I thought that he was just a myth. So did we, until we heard about the Dossier on him. MI6 has it all somewhere, in black and white. Does Edom Have a Vampire? By and large, more vampires makes for more fun gaming.

Edom might well have any number of vampire prisoners in HMS Proserpine p. But if Edom has a tame vampire they can send on missions, it seems less likely that they want to keep Dracula safe and alive. Dracula needs some sort of doomsday switch: perhaps his lawyers can reveal all of Edoms thefts and crimes if he turns up permanently dead. Alternately, if Edom made their vampire from Draculas blood via Mina or Lucy, for example , his death might de-power Edoms vampire and leave them.

Its just a matter of emphasizing the elements and themes that match, and downplaying or hurrying past the occasional infelicities. Burn When Edom strikes, it strikes at the Agents Symbols and their old Networks, cutting away their ties to their past. When Dracula strikes, he poisons and corrupts the Agents human connections when he doesnt merely kill Solaces and destroy places of Safety.

Legacies should all be wounded people, still and possibly unknowingly emotionally crippled by their ancestors sacrifices. Present real moral dilemmas when these Legacies appear: make the needy betrayers more attractive and sympathetic than the cold, sociopathic hunters. Tempt the Agents with the warmth of belonging, even if it is belonging to an inhuman monster. Dust Emphasize the gritty, individual level of the spycraft involved. Give Dracula only a few Renfields, and a lot of venal thugs; consider using the real names behind the novel characters rather than Harker and Van Helsing and so on p.

Use the minimized or fraudulent explanations for the wilder artifacts such as the Earthquake Device or Le Dragon Noir; consider incorporating telluric vampirism p. Mirror Cast Edom as the dark mirror of the Agents own previous agencies: hint that Edom has always had an under-the-table sanction. Legacies are betrayers, even if they merely sacrifice the Agents as pawns in their own insane crusade against Dracula but they more likely work for. Or more than one. Make sure at least one Agent, like Mina, is tainted with Draculas blood; make sure at least one Agent has ties to Edom.

At least one of the original band betrayed the others reveal their treason when it echoes one Agents recent actions. Emphasize Draculas powers of mind control, invasion of dreams p. Stakes When the players begin to doubt their mission, present Draculas latest atrocity in stark Sky News color. RTK Professional grinder with single disc and variable speed ideal for grinding flush against walls. At Coffee Machine Depot USA we know great coffee and what it takes to procure the perfect cup We stock the largest range of new and used commercial espresso coffee machines, grinders and equipment Our espresso machine experts will help you find the right commercial barista coffee machine ….

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Surface Grinder Machines Surface grinders are used for various grinding processes including truing flat metal stock, squaring material within tenths inch , sharpening cutting tools and for sharpening punch and die sets A surface grinder normally consists of a magnetic chuck, which resembles a table, the grinding wheel that is attached. So many other things in the series were able to be overcome, worked around, defeated, reversed, or otherwise defanged that I kept expecting the Veil would turn out to be another of these. And then it was just never ever mentioned again.

It was if Rowling got to that point in the book, said "crap, I need to get Sirius out of the way", and quickly penned the equivalent of "and then a monster appeared and ate him for no reason".


Reply Parent Thread. Right there with you, Cleo! Also, why is there no record of this Depp incident in picture form?? I demand visual proof! Edited at pm UTC. I'm cool with Irene Adler being in it as long as she and Holmes don't wind up in domestic bliss at the end and the movie doesn't have Holmes making any grand pronouncements of love. RDJ can do subtexty smoldering like no one's business. I'm still hoping that "obscure character traits" means they'll be playing up the cocaine use; the Granada series did a lot with that but it's never been touched on in any movies as far as I know.

Maybe they'll throw some opium in for good measure. Hollywood, it's no longer the '50s; stop hiring white dudes to play Native Americans. Johnny Depp is Cherokee on his mother's side, I do believe. I'm going to admit my bias up front, by saying I adore "The New Yorker" although not necessarily their covers and simply detest "EW," which I think should be renamed "Ewwww.

That is, it has no real point to make, other than to score a knowing wink. I didn't like that cover of "The New Yorker," but I think one should at least admit what it is and not attack it for being what it isn't. In fact, the feature article on Obama in that issue did NOT portray him as any sort of radical at all. If anything, it portrayed him as a young man as a brilliant but otherwise rather typical Chicago Democratic party machine bureaucrat.

Um, I dunno 'bout that. At least not lately. They had a full-page open-letter-style article for instance basically begging the news networks NOT to treat the occasionaally-rated-higher-than-American-I dol presidential race as if it were reality TV or a soap opera talking about "personal stories", relatability, etc. And still really hasn't. None of the other networks either, from what I've seen. They treated it In short?

Yes, they cover silly stuff, too. But they've also got better integrity than any television news source around the past few weeks. Which is, of course, utterly sad but last week it was to my mind indisputably true , too. I've heard EW referred to as the "smartest mainstream entertainment magazine". admin