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Learn more Check out. Abstract In certain purchase situations, such as when a new car is purchased and an old vehicle is traded in, individuals simultaneously play the role of buyers and sellers. Citing Literature. Volume 19 , Issue 4 April Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot your password? Forgot password? Quality and standardization in technology-enhanced learning. Understanding business intelligence system continuance intention. Determinants for store-switching in shopping for fresh produce: investigating the mediating role of consumer way of life.

The role of customer brand engagement and brand experience in online banking. The important role of corporate social responsibility capabilities in improving sustainable competitive advantage.

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Cognitive Biases in Performance Evaluations. Analysis of satisfiers and dissatisfiers in online hotel reviews on social media. Synthesizing the effects of green experiential quality, green equity, green image and green experiential satisfaction on green switching intention. Effects of demotion in loyalty programs on brand-switching intentions. A cross-country study of marketing effectiveness in high-credence services. Predicting repurchase intention for online clothing brands in Taiwan: quality disconfirmation, satisfaction, and corporate social responsibility.

Preference instability, consumption and online rating behavior. Utilizing customer satisfaction in ranking prediction for personalized cloud service selection. The missing path to gain customers loyalty in pharmacy retail: The role of the store in developing satisfaction and trust. Research on customer switching behavior in the service industry. Measuring customer satisfaction: a study of the Swedish real estate industry.

Influences of customer participation and customer brand engagement on brand loyalty. Where do customer loyalties really lie, and why? Gender differences in store loyalty. Customer-salespeople relationship. The concept of online corporate brand experience: an empirical assessment. Modelling satisfaction-commitment relationship in developing country context.

Weight and Gender in Service Jobs. Destination loyalty modeling of the global tourism. Modelling and evaluating customer loyalty using neural networks: Evidence from startup insurance companies. Do we feel safer today? The impact of smiling customer service on airline safety perception post 9— Do marketing activities enhance firm value?

Social scientists' satisfaction with data reuse. Role of value for money and service quality on behavioural intention: A study of full service and low cost airlines. Internet banking service quality and its implication on e-customer satisfaction and e-customer loyalty. Effect of student perceived service quality on student satisfaction, loyalty and motivation in Indian universities. An examination of relative satisfaction and share of wallet. Factors of satisfaction and intention to use peer-to-peer accommodation.

The impact of product superiority on customer satisfaction in project management.

Customer perceptions of frontline employee service delivery: A study of Russian bank customer satisfaction and behavioural intentions. Modelling and Investigating the relationship of after sales service quality with customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty — A case study of home appliances business. Two paths to customer loyalty: the moderating effect of the differentiation level strategy in the performance-satisfaction-value-intentions relationship. Market orientation and service innovation on customer perceived value.

The mediating role of customer satisfaction: evidence from the airline industry. Use of multiple methodologies for developing a customer-oriented model of total quality management in higher education. Healthcare service quality effect on patient satisfaction and behavioural intentions in corporate hospitals in India.

Does trust of patients in their physician predict loyalty to the health care insurer? The Israeli case study. Examining an extended duality perspective regarding success conditions of IT service. The effects of brand attachment on behavioral loyalty in the luxury restaurant sector. Online grocery shopping: the impact of shopping frequency on perceived risk. Constructing online switching barriers: examining the effects of switching costs and alternative attractiveness on e-store loyalty in online pure-play retailers.

Sunil Mithas , M. Krishnan , Claes Fornell. Nancy K. Lankton , D. Harrison McKnight , Ryan T. Wright , Jason Bennett Thatcher. The Effect of Performance Satisfaction on Community Contribution and Behavior Intention: Focusing on permanent night performance using traditional Korean housing resources. The role of software updates in information systems continuance — An experimental study from a user perspective. The effects of perceived service quality on repurchase intentions and subjective well-being of Chinese tourists: The mediating role of relationship quality.

Optimal design of a multi-server queueing system with delay information.

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The Moderating Role of Prior Reviews. Despite unethical retail store practices, consumers at the bottom of the pyramid continue to be loyal. Examining the influence of organizational capability in innovative business operations and the mediation of profitability on customer satisfaction: An application in intermodal transport operators in Taiwan. What Drives Customer Loyalty? Nationale Kundenzufriedenheitsindizes. Kundenzufriedenheit als Managementherausforderung.

Preisbezogene Auswirkungen von Kundenzufriedenheit. Theoretische Perspektiven zur Kundenzufriedenheit. A comprehensive study on the brand loyalty formation process in social network service environment: focused on the relational path based on the brand social capital. An exploratory study of factors influencing repurchase behaviors toward game items: A field study.

Examining the structural relations among hikers' assessment of pull-factors, satisfaction and revisit intentions: The case of mountain tourism in Malaysia. The impact of motivation on customer satisfaction formation: a self-determination perspective. Understanding online product ratings: A customer satisfaction model.

A customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty perspective of mobile application recommendations. Services innovation impact to customer satisfaction and customer value enhancement in airport. The effect of culture in forming e-loyalty intentions: A cross-cultural analysis between Argentina and Spain. A segmentation based analysis for measuring customer satisfaction in maritime transportation. Brand evaluation, satisfaction and trust as predictors of brand loyalty: the mediator-moderator effect of brand relationships.

Uday S. Karmarkar , Guillaume Roels. Effects of switching costs on customer loyalty in the liner shipping industry. Does the value manufacturers brands create translate into enhanced reputation? A multi-sector examination of the value—satisfaction—loyalty—reputation chain. A two-dimensional model of trust—value—loyalty in service relationships. Quantitative analysis of semiconductor supply chain contracts with order flexibility under demand uncertainty: A case study.

Functional form of connections between perceived service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the automotive servicing industry. Factors influencing the behavioral intention of public transport passengers. On-time performance, passenger expectations and satisfaction in the Chinese airline industry. Analyzing CSR issues for supply chain performance system using preference rating approach. Jeffrey D. Shulman , Marcus Cunha , Julian K. Saint Clair. The cross-impact of network externalities on relationship quality in exhibition sector.

A comprehensive spectrum trading scheme based on market competition, reputation and buyer specific requirements. Importance—performance analysis in tourism: A framework for researchers. Identification and Aftermarket Personalization with Durable Goods. Retailer corporate social responsibility. The influence of the source and valence of word-of-mouth information on post-failure and post-recovery evaluations. Impact of service attributes on customer satisfaction and loyalty in a healthcare context.

A higher-order model of consumer brand engagement and its impact on loyalty intentions. An intellectual journey into the historical evolution of marketing research in brand switching behavior — past, present and future. Brand equity, satisfaction, and switching costs. The influence of the philosophy of science on brand loyalty. Determining critical service quality from the view of performance influence. Perceptions are relative. A neural network-based approach for user experience assessment.

Service innovation by Dubai International Airport: the battle to remain competitive. Greening propensity and performance implications for logistics service providers. The influence of customer satisfaction on customer price behavior: literature review and identification of research gaps. How does corporate social responsibility contribute to firm financial performance? The mediating role of competitive advantage, reputation, and customer satisfaction. Understanding service experience and its impact on brand image in hospitality sector.

Key determinants of passenger loyalty in the low-cost airline business. Direct or indirect channel structures. Evaluating the impact of channel governance structure on export performance.

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The Service-Profit Chain. Alberto Sa Vinhas , Jan B. The effects of customer voice on hotel performance. The Value of Measuring Customer Satisfaction. Service Quality on Internet Banking. Eine konzeptionelle Analyse der Service-Profit Chain. Moving Towards Successful Complaint Management. Conceptualising Customer Expectations with Complaint Channels. Understanding post-adoption behaviors of e-service users in the context of online travel services. Effects of service quality and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty in high-speed rail services in Taiwan.

The effects of restaurant quality attributes on customer behavioral intentions. CEO compensation, customer satisfaction, and firm value. A study of virtual product consumption from the expectancy disconfirmation and symbolic consumption perspectives.


An empirical study of service performance, customer satisfaction, and purchase intention in the food services sector. The role of E-quality within the consumer decision making process. Determinants and outcomes of dual distribution: an international study. Exploring key antecedents of purchase intentions within different services. Antecedents and performance outcomes of flexibility in industrial customer—supplier relationships. Antecedents of Loyalty Towards Online Retailers. What keeps mobile banking customers loyal? Exploring the antecedents of preferential customer treatment by suppliers: a mixed methods approach.

Soumya Ray , Sung S. Kim , James G. Virtual test-driving: The impact of simulated products on purchase intention. Exploring two explanations of loyalty in application service provision. Retaining and attracting users in social networking services: An empirical investigation of cyber migration.

The effect of measurement timing on the information content of customer satisfaction measures. Perceived Crime and Violence. Justice served: Mitigating damaged trust stemming from supply chain disruptions. Testing the inter-relations of factors that may support continued use intention: The case of Facebook. Attracting and sustaining customers through antecedent satisfaction of dining experience. An empirical investigation of repeat buying behavior of customers of two brands in India.

Mirror, mirror on the wall — how customers perceive their contribution to service provision. Antecedents of parent-based school reputation and loyalty: an international application. Inter-channel Effects in Multichannel Travel Services. Satisfaction with teaching and learning and the role of psychological need fulfillment. Psychographics: Static or Dynamic? The financial contribution of customer-oriented marketing capability.

Linking service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty in casinos, does membership matter? The effects of mall renovation on shopping values, satisfaction and spending behaviour. Customer Satisfaction via Service Quality Dimensions. Yili Kevin Hong , Paul A. University image and its relationship to student satisfaction- case of the Middle Eastern private business schools.

Cross-border comparative studies of service quality and consumer satisfaction: some empirical results. Shopping centre customer service: creating customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer value disclosure and analyst forecasts: the influence of environmental dynamism. Investigating brand equity of third-party service providers. Understanding switching intention of information systems users. Examining the role of attribution and intercultural competence in intercultural service encounters. Online repatronage intention: an empirical study among Malaysian experienced online shoppers.

Effect of price increases on future intentions of sport consumers. Nonlinear and asymmetric returns on customer satisfaction: do they vary across situations and consumers? Examining a hybrid model for e-satisfaction and e-loyalty to e-ticketing on airline websites. QoS in the internal supply chain: the next lever of competitive advantage and organisational performance. Brand image and customers' willingness to pay a price premium for food brands. Capability development with process maturity models — Decision framework and economic analysis.

The development of loyalty among novice and experienced customers of sport and fitness centres. Service quality and satisfaction in the banking sector. Exploring the Three- Path Mediation Model. Why do users switch to a disruptive technology? An empirical study based on expectation-disconfirmation theory. Small-independent retailers vs. The Paradox of Publicity. Measuring customer pre-purchase satisfaction in a retail setting. Time-Based Competition with Benchmark Effects.

TQM and brand-building by Chinese original brand manufacturers: impact on business performance. Acta Non Verba? The antecedents of student loyalty in online programs. Blog learning: effects of users' usefulness and efficiency towards continuance intention. Increasing business-to-business buyer word-of-mouth and share-of-purchase. Hotel loyalty programs: how valuable is valuable enough? Assessing the effects of satisfaction and value on customer loyalty behaviors in service environments: High-speed railway in Turkey as a case study. Service quality evaluation of car rental industry in China.

The Antecedents of Word-of-Mouth Behaviour. Research on Discrete Service Process Optimization. The mediating-moderating effect analysis on customer satisfaction. Dual Rules for Service Evaluation. Erik Rolland , Raymond A. Patterson , Paul R. Messinger , Keith F. Ward , Adam Finn. Interoperable neuro-fuzzy services for emotion-aware ambient intelligence.

Modelling the impact of mHealth service quality on satisfaction, continuance and quality of life. Customer satisfaction and consumer expenditure in selected European countries. Monitoring Trends in Student Satisfaction. Patient Satisfaction and Consumer Behavioural Intentions. The impact of food quality and its attributes on customer satisfaction at Malay restaurants. Customer satisfaction in Web 2. Linking customer loyalty to customer satisfaction and store image: a structural model for retail stores.

An integrated novel interval type-2 fuzzy MCDM method to improve customer satisfaction in public transportation for Istanbul. The interplay of conscious and automatic mechanisms in the context of routine use: An integrative and comparative study of contrasting mechanisms. Religious influences on consumers' high-involvement purchasing decisions.

When buyers also sell: The implications of pricing policies for customer satisfaction

Examining the impact of experience on value in social marketing. Developing a decomposed customer satisfaction index: An example of the boutique motel industry. Segmentation of Information Systems Users. The effect of implicit service guarantees on business performance.

Customer loyalty to a commercial website: Descriptive meta-analysis of the empirical literature and proposal of an integrative model. Determinants affecting comprehensive property-level hotel performance: The moderating role of hotel type. Influences of sales promotion on customer satisfaction and revisit intention in the restaurant industry - Focused on the moderating role of storytelling. The influence of airline service quality on passenger satisfaction and loyalty.

Causal relationships between table game players' perceptions of service quality, perceived winning, and game spending. Strategies in real estate management: two strategic pathways. An exploratory study on determinants of customer satisfaction of leading mobile network providers — case of Kolkata, India. Relationships among service quality, corporate image, customer satisfaction, and behavioral intention for the elderly in high speed rail services. The influence of product features on brand switching: the case of magnetic resonance imaging equipment. Hospital service quality and its effects on patient satisfaction and behavioural intention.

Customer participation and value creation: a systematic review and research implications. Assessment of Service Quality in the Hotel Industry. The role of service quality and ticket pricing on satisfaction and behavioural intention within professional football. Prior consumer satisfaction and alliance encounter satisfaction attributions. Student satisfaction and impact of leadership in private universities.

An empirical analysis of the antecedents of e-satisfaction and e-loyalty: focusing on the role of flow and its antecedents. Performance implications of deploying marketing analytics. The review of approaches to knowledge management system studies. Websites and revisiting behaviour: an investigation of the relative role of predictors. Why do not satisfied consumers show reuse behavior? The context of online games. Service encounter in multi-channel distribution context: virtual and face-to-face interactions and consumer satisfaction.

How does supplier's asset specificity affect product development performance?

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A relational exchange perspective. Post-purchase disadvantages of a less preferred brand and how they can be overcome: an examination of regret and attribution. Antecedents of information systems user behaviour — extended expectation-confirmation model. Facilities management service and customer satisfaction in shopping mall sector.

Similar services, different perceptions: The gaps of satisfaction based on the level of recreation specialization. Understanding the cultural antecedents of quality management in tourism. Continuance of mHealth services at the bottom of the pyramid: the roles of service quality and trust. Islamic banks. The effect of corporate associations on consumer behaviour. The fitness of product information: Evidence from online recommendations.

A mediating role of destination image in the relationship between event quality, perceived value, and behavioral intention. Aligning global organizations' human capital needs and global supply-chain strategies. Consumer Benefit in the Competitive Market. Why do consumers adopt online channel? An empirical investigation of two channel extension mechanisms. The link between customer satisfaction and price sensitivity: An investigation of retailing industry in Taiwan.

A hierarchical model of service quality in the airline industry. Linking satisfaction to share of deposits: an application of the Wallet Allocation Rule. Evaluating the impact of corporate brand on consumer satisfaction. To Own or to Use? Begriff und Anliegen des Produktmanagements. Toward an understanding of construction professionals' acceptance of mobile computing devices in South Korea: An extension of the technology acceptance model.

The effects of the current economic situation on customer satisfaction and retail patronage behaviour. Does employee safety influence customer satisfaction? Evidence from the electric utility industry. Customer loyalty to service providers: examining the role of service quality, customer satisfaction and trust. Do banks value the eco-friendliness of firms in their corporate lending decision? Some empirical evidence. An expectation confirmation perspective of medical tourism. Why are family carers of people with dementia dissatisfied with general hospital care?

Retail service quality, corporate image and behavioural intentions: the mediating effects of customer satisfaction. Achieving donor repetition and motivation by block leaders among current blood donors. Examining the link between integrated communication management and communication effectiveness in medium-sized enterprises. When loyalties clash purchase behavior when a preferred brand is stocked out: The tradeoff between brand and store loyalty. Consumer satisfaction and loyalty: Two main consequences of retailer personality. Assessing customer retention strategies in mobile telecommunications.

Investigating Web 2. In good and bad times: the interpersonal nature of brand love in service relationships. The antecedents of online financial service adoption: the impact of physical banking services on Internet banking acceptance. Consumer outrage: Emotional reactions to unethical corporate behavior.

Accounting for customer satisfaction in measuring hotel efficiency: Evidence from the US hotel industry. Effects of positive customer-to-customer service interaction.

The Antecedents and Consequences of Customer Satisfaction for Firms

Consumer reactions to the adoption of green reverse logistics. Voice of the customer: Customer satisfaction ratio based analysis. Consequences of customer loyalty to the loyalty program and to the company. Why do satisfied customers switch? Focus on the restaurant patron variety-seeking orientation and purchase decision involvement. Competitive channel relationship management: When resellers establish competing manufacturer relationships. Mobile marketing and consumer perceptions of brand equity. Customer satisfaction and service quality in Islamic banking.

Offshore outsourcing of customer services — boon or bane? Determinants of brand equity in cultural organizations: the case of an art exhibition. Measuring website quality: asymmetric effect of user satisfaction. How does customer motivational orientation affect satisfaction? What is Quality? An Integrative Framework of Processes and States.

The effects of unethical conduct of pharmaceutical companies on consumer behavior. Expectation Confirmation in Technology Use. Susan A. Brown , Viswanath Venkatesh , Sandeep Goyal ,. Adherence to customer loyalty programmes and changes in buyer behaviour. An investigation of the effect of online consumer trust on expectation, satisfaction, and post-expectation. Effects of personality on satisfaction and repurchase intention of online games. Offensive versus defensive marketing: What is the optimal spending allocation?

From disconfirmation to switching: an empirical investigation of switching intentions after service failure and recovery. An Empirical study of the relationships among e-learning service quality, satisfaction, revisit, and referral. Market orientation and performance in private universities. Wendy W. Moe , David A. Schweidel ,. An Investigation of the Automobile Industry. A hybrid approach to develop an analytical model for enhancing the service quality of e-learning. Extended conceptualisation of perceived usefulness: empirical test in the context of information system use continuance.

Understanding Priorities for Service Attribute Improvement. The influence of supply chain management competency on customer satisfaction and shareholder value. Understanding blog continuance: a model comparison approach. Do ongoing relationships buffer the effects of service recovery on customers' trust and loyalty?

Creating customer loyalty through service customization. Regret and performance uncertainty in consumer repeat choice. Exploring the preference of customers between financial companies and agents based on TCA. S-shape relationship between customer satisfaction and willingness to pay premium prices for high quality cured pork products in Spain. The influence of multiple types of service convenience on behavioral intentions: The mediating role of consumer satisfaction in a Taiwanese leisure setting.

Assessing the effects of service quality and justice on customer satisfaction and the continuance intention of mobile value-added services: An empirical test of a multidimensional model. Customer Delight. An empirical model of marketing strategy and shareholder value.

The effect of service interaction orientation on customer satisfaction and behavioral intention. Benchmarking Tourist Attractions in Northern Norway. Measuring Seat Value in Stadiums and Theaters. The effect of pre- and post-service performance on consumer evaluation of online retailers. Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Value-driven customer share of visits. Website usability, consumer satisfaction and the intention to use a website: The moderating effect of perceived risk.

The Hong Kong tourist satisfaction index. The influence of health involvement and satisfaction on healthy food choices among people over 60 years. Attendees' perspectives on the service quality of an exhibition organizer: A case study of a tourism exhibition. Satisfaction and zone of tolerance: the moderating roles of elaboration and loyalty programs. Effects of customer expertise on?

The joint effects of compensation frames and price levels on service recovery of online pricing error. Repeat visits and intentions to revisit a sporting event and its nearby destinations. Software Product Management. Service quality, brand image and price fairness impact on the customer satisfaction and loyalty. admin