Extinction of the Mammoth (The Velikovskian Book 3)

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It is only through the democratic process of free and open discussion and debate that the evidence raised may lead to new and deeper insights. To those specialists who are interested in acting as advisors, we extend our hand.

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We hope this journal will grow and mature to meet the finest standards of academic research. I, No. List of contributors to The Velikovskian.

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What Really Killed Off the Woolly Mammoth?

I- III III, No. IV, No.

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V, No. II, No. In this way, the sojourn of Israel in Egypt is shown to be, as some have suggested, the Hyksos period.

The Exodus is outlined in such a way that it explains why the civilization in Palestine developed largely around and after the Exodus. All this and a great deal more is presented in this culminating volume of Near Eastern Chronology.

Ginenthal, Charles

Beyond this, other revisionist historians' chronologies are examined and their inadequacies exposed. The "Last Words" conclusion shows how incapable historians and archaeologists are of accepting scientific facts that deny all they have presented regarding the established chronology. Gould and Immanuel Velikovsky. He has also contributed to Proceeding of the Immanuel Velikovsky Centennial , just published.

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He has presented papers at both national and international conferences on Catastrophism and was the editor-in-chief of the journal The Velikovskian. He resides in Forest Hills, New York. Book Info Pillars of the Past Volume III is a soft cover book of pages published by The Velikovskian in , and contains a wealth of information gathered on the subject of chronology.

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