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Specialbit Studio. And it's not over yet The Last Dream - Puzzle adventure. Reality and dreams are about to become entwined in this hidden object adventure. See more. Hidden - Bonfire Stories: Faceless Gravedigger.


Big Fish Games. Hunt down the truth to escape the Faceless Gravedigger in this haunting tale! Enter a world where art and reality join hands in this heart-stopping adventure! A baby is left at your doorstep and you are the only one who can save her!

MINENFELD - "The Great Adventure"

Dali Games: adventure point and click fairy tales. Dark Strokes 2.

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Neal : "I told the guys in July, 'The thing to do would be, if we were really bold, we would say we're going to release this in January and debut it on Cruise To The Edge , even though it's not finished yet. So that's what we did. We put it out there that we were going to do it, but we didn't really know if we were going to make it.

Neal : "When I'm writing, I try to just write and not think about anything I've done before To be honest, I don't listen to my own music that much after I've done it. I listen to it a lot when I'm working on it, and of course, when it's being mixed, I have to listen to it a lot, but I try to just forget about the past and get into as pure of a creating space as I can, and just do what I think sounds cool, what I'm hearing, try to really realize what I'm hearing in my mind, try to connect the dots.

With a concept album, it's not just about having a bunch of good parts. We had a bunch of good parts in January, but somehow, it just wasn't all that it needed to be The thing about concept albums is that for me — and I don't think anybody else cares about this — I have to kind of know the story, and the story brings about the music. I remember saying to SPOCK'S , 'I feel like this wants to be a concept album, so we need to sort out the story, and then the story will give us the rest of the music.

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Neal : "It's great. Mike did his drums; Dave [ LaRue ] is doing bass; and I'm going to start on keys [soon]. Don't hold me to it, but [we're] hoping for a late summer release. Neal : "I would love to do something with those guys, but we don't have any plans at the moment. The group will then The group will then begin a European tour in London on March NET story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook.

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