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In , an apparent meteor crashes in the forest near a lone camper. Flash forward to the 24th century, where Voyager is on its trek back to the Alpha Quadrant. An artificial temporal rift opens in front of them, and a Federation vessel from the 29th century emerges. The pilot, CAPT Braxton, says that Voyager somehow is responsible for a temporal disruption in his time that destroys Earth's solar system. So he begins an attack on them, hoping to change the future.

In defending themselves, Voyager disables Braxton's time ship, and he is pulled back into the time rift; so too is Voyager. Braxton's vessel is flung back to and is the meteor seen at the beginning. Voyager only goes back to Once in the 20th century, Voyager detects a warp signature in the Los Angeles area, so an away team - Janeway, Chakotay, Paris, and Tuvok - goes to investigate.

Unknowingly, a SETI scientist - Rain - who has been scanning for a particular radiation signature finds it emanating from Voyager Written by Tony-B4. This episode is a good one. Time traveling to the year Good set of acting. I seen this episode maybe 15 times or so. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

This series (and the accompanying tie-ins) contains examples of:

IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Star Trek: Voyager — Rate This. Season 3 Episode 8. All Episodes A timeship from the future who tries to stop Voyager gets thrown with Voyager into the twentieth century.

His timeship is found in the 's and Voyager finds a company that has benefited from its technology exists in Director: David Livingston. Essential Star Trek Voyager episodes. Voyager favorites. Star Trek: Voyager Season 3. Movies downloaden. Use the HTML below. There's no telling what capabilities they'll have. You may have to use the weapon.

Tuvok and Paris arrive in a big pickup. This is, after all, a stolen vehicle. We're fine. We borrowed a car. And we'll return it to the dealership as soon as we're done. These are radio wave readouts. It looks like radio telescope transmissions. Pretty basic. Thus far I have tolerated your impulsive methods. At times they have worked to our advantage. But discretion is also a virtue. We must leave things exactly as they were. Paris uses his tricorder on Rain's computer.

The orbital schematic matches Voyager's position. RAIN: Excuse me. Do not enter, employees only. The sign on the door. Rain is carrying a pizza box. We were on the museum tour and we took a wrong turn at the Saturn exhibit. RAIN: Go right down the hall, take a left at Mars, right at Halley's Comet and then just keep going straight ahead past the soda machine. RAIN: Groovy. RAIN: We watch the skies. RAIN: Signs of extraterrestrial life. Nice meeting you. RAIN: Excuse me? RAIN: That's exactly what it is. RAIN: Where? RAIN: Never heard of it. He goes to one of her movie posters.

That's a classic! Did you see the sequel, Bride of the Corpse? RAIN: Let me guess. You minored in B movies. We should be going. Our friends are waiting for us.

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Got to go. RAIN: Hey, I do the planetarium show Tuesday nights, so er, you guys should come by, check it out, bring your friends. The best stars in Hollywood are right above us.

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Thanks anyway. They leave. RAIN: No problem. Rain returns to her computer and sees it crash. RAIN: Whoa! Up comes a skull and crossbones - Fatal System Error. Error I hope she doesn't get in any trouble. She was about to make the biggest discovery in human history. It could have changed her career. I am curious, Lieutenant, what does it mean, groovy? RAIN: Hey! Hey you, guys! Just wait a minute!

What the hell did you do to my computer? It is screwed up! The hard drive is wiped! RAIN: Who are you people, and what is that thing in your pants? Paris sees Dunbar point a phaser at them. The borrowed pickup is atomised. Tuvok returns fire. RAIN: What the hell? RAIN: Yeah, over there. Dunbar fires again, and Tuvok shoots the future phaser out of his hand, then retrieves the scarf that has come off, revealing his ears.

They drive off in Rain's VW camper. Operations Officer's log, supplemental. We've been on full sensor alert looking for signs that anyone else has detected Voyager. As a precaution, I've also asked Neelix and Kes to monitor all media broadcasts. A wall screen has six displays constantly changing. KES: We've set up a computer algorithm to search for key words and phrases. Anything that might indicate Voyager. KIM: Anything so far? Take a look at this. It's a form of entertainment called a soap opera.

The exploration of human relationships is fascinating. KIM: I can't imagine just watching the story and not being a part of it. KES: That's because you've been spoiled by the holodeck. There's something to be said for non-interactive stories like this, being swept away in the narrative. KIM: Good work. Keep me informed, and don't get too swept away. He's my brother. How can I face him knowing that our son is his son? A light is flashing red on the wall as Chakotay and Janeway break in with help from the tricorder.

Chakotay turns it off. We haven't set off any alarms. Looks like he's got wealth, celebrity and an ego to match. She sits at Starling's computer. It asks for a password. She taps at the keyboard with one finger. This is like stone knives and bearskins. I'm detecting a forcefield. I can't scan beyond this wall. I don't see an access port or a control panel.

Oh, he's got a massive database here, but it's protected by an encryption sequence. I'm going to try interfacing my tricorder. They must have used symbols to represent the different functions of the computer. Paris is driving. Our communicators are useless. What do we do now? RAIN: You're going to take a right at the next light and a left at the taco stand, because you're taking me home! And you're not keeping the van!

Your life may be in danger. RAIN: I'm going to pop this hatch and I'm going to start screaming until you tell me what's going on. Who are you? What is that thing in orbit? Why did that guy try to kill us? RAIN: I'm opening the hatch. Isn't it obvious we're on your side? RAIN: I'm standing up. I'm taking a deep breath!

I know you're frightened and you've seen some pretty strange things, but you have to trust me! We're not going to hurt you and I will explain everything. It's either that or take your chances with the guy who tried to vaporise you. Part of a massive KGB operation. We're trying to stop it. RAIN: Soviet? The USSR broke up five years ago. The KGB doesn't even exist anymore. What's up with those ears? Thought I didn't notice? I did. What about your weapons? What are they, lasers? And as for my ears, they are a family trait. RAIN: Whatever. Starling's computer designs were inspired by technology from the timeship.

He introduced the very first isograted circuit in , two years after Braxton's ship crash-landed. CHAKOTAY: Any every few years there's been an equally revolutionary advance in computers, all from Chronowerx Industries, all based on Starling's crude understanding of twenty ninth century technology. All because of that timeship. Look at this. Gantry, power conduits, telemetry consoles. This looks like a design for a launching bay. The ship's going to be launched. Janeway to Voyager. I want you to establish a comm. We'll need a few minutes to reconfigure to their binary system. Let's see if we can find out where the location of that launch pad is.

If we hadn't fought him when he tried to destroy Voyager, he wouldn't have been pulled back in time, his ship wouldn't have crash-landed on Earth, and none of this would have happened. Ever since my first day in the job as a Starfleet Captain I swore I'm never let myself get caught in one of these godforsaken paradoxes. The future is the past, the past is the future. It all gives me a headache. This looks promising. Try timeship security portal. An image of the launch bay would give us a clue to it's location.

It turns the world map on the wall into a window. They look down at the Aeon in the launch bay, then the lights are turned on. Welcome to the twentieth century. I know who you are. You're from the future. I knew you'd come back one day. I detected your vessel in orbit and Mister Dunbar here had a run-in with your friends. You're here to take the timeship.

An explosion that will cost billions of lives. We're here to stop you from doing that. He told us that if it's temporal matrix isn't precisely calibrated, you'll trigger a temporal explosion. That ship shouldn't be here. It belongs to another century. We have to take it back.

Someone's trying to contact me. KIM: Captain, we've established the comm. We're ready to upload on your signal. KIM: Break the link. KIM: What's our transporter status? We can try an emergency transport from a lower orbit. KIM: That's exactly what the Captain ordered us not to do. We'd be risking detection. Their lives are in danger. KIM: And if somebody sees a starship flying through the clouds? It is your decision. KIM: B'Elanna, stand by emergency transporters. Get ready to beam them directly to the bridge. Take us down. But that's not going to be a problem, Captain.

I'll make a few changes to my travel itinerary. You're not going to stop me. I've got a starship in orbit that can vaporise this entire building in the blink of an eye. Janeway is beamed away. Chakotay throws a chair at Dunbar. Chakotay is beamed away. Keep us within transporter range. Chakotay, see if you can disable the forcefield around that timeship.

B'Elanna, prepare to lock onto the timeship and beam it to cargo bay two. Ensign Kim, you have an impeccable sense of timing. Not bad for your first day in the big chair. He's disrupting transport. KIM: Captain, I don't understand how, but he's using our transporter beam as a downlink. He's accessing our main computer. We may not be able to keep up with him. He's gotten into our propulsion systems. Transporters offline. KIM: We've terminated the downlink, Captain, but he got at least twenty percent of our main computer files.

Much bigger than I expected, and much less advanced. Says here your ship was launched in the year ? You're from the twenty fourth century? And here all this time I though you were from the twenty ninth. Looks like I have the home field advantage. Ooo, what's this? Some minor power fluctuations in the impulse drive and a few burned out circuits in the main computer core.

Nothing we can't handle. Captain, I can't find the Doctor. His programme is gone. EMH: Where am I? There's something on the television I think you should see. I'm transferring it to the main viewer.

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Amateur footage of something crossing the night sky very quickly. The massive unidentifiable object doesn't appear to be a meteorite, weather balloon or satellite, and one aviation expert we've spoken to has stated that it's definitely not any kind of US aircraft currently in use. We're waiting investigation by local authorities and we'll keep you updated as news develops on this incredible story. Paris is working on the camper van radio at a small table. Someone broke into the van last night while I was sleeping, tried to snatch the stereo, you bravely fought them off and now you're repairing the damage.

RAIN: My hero. What's it like? Life as a spy, I mean. RAIN: Oh, right.

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I forgot. But you said secret agent and nobody says secret agent. And you do that a lot. You get things not quite right, like you don't belong here. RAIN: And you're insulting my intelligence. Yesterday afternoon I picked up a UFO in orbit. Today my life is completely out of control, so don't think I'm too stupid to notice.

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RAIN: Accepted. The more you keep asking me questions, the more difficult you make things. For everybody. RAIN: I'll try. RAIN: My brother had a telescope, a little refractor. You could barely see in the tree house next door actually, but it was enough.

It was enough to see the rings of Saturn. I remember. I remember I used to think that they looked like jewels from a pirate's treasure. All I ever wanted since then was to reach up and touch them. Tuvok returns bearing drinks and bags of fast food. Have you made any progress? This is not a breakfast, this is an afternoon at Dodger Stadium.

Would you please hand me a burrito. RAIN: Everything you guys do is just a little bit off. Smoke rises from the stereo. So much for sending a locator signal. RAIN: No kidding. RAIN: Not on an empty stomach. KES: Like the Doctor. There's literally nothing left of him. He's just gone. Our weapons are offline, Tuvok and Paris are still missing somewhere in Los Angeles, and we've confirmed Captain Braxton's hypothesis. If Starling does attempt a flight to the future, it will most likely end in disaster. KIM: Captain. I've analysed Braxton's schematic. The temporal technology is incredibly complex.

KIM: The instant he jumps to the twenty ninth century, there won't be a twenty ninth century. Not for Earth anyway.

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The entire solar system will be destroyed. We'd have to drop out of orbit again. The more legitimate news organisations have apparently decided that the Voyager image is fraudulent. However I've also been monitoring more official channels and the United States military is taking things just a little more seriously.

I'm receiving a transmission from Lieutenant Tuvok, audio only. Tuvok is using Rain's cell phone. We have modified the satellite dish transmitter to carry and receive Voyager communication frequencies. I regret the bad connection. What's happened? It was she who sent the message to Voyager, but her lab is under the supervision of an individual. He has the timeship and he's the one who will cause the disaster in the twenty ninth century.

I would have to say yes. Starling enters, goes to his computer and activates the EMH. EMH: I find your interest in my well-being to be less than genuine. The schematics I downloaded from your ship indicate you were stuck in the sickbay twenty four hours a day. EMH: I recently suffered a severe programme loss and I'm still in the process of retrieving my memory files, but apparently on a few occasions I have been projected into other locations.

Undoubtedly you're using a similar procedure. We use it to test our new microchip designs. I projected you through the emitters in the office. Your programme really isn't very sophisticated. EMH: That is a matter of opinion. Now would you please return me to my vessel. Not yet. I've a few questions I want answered. EMH: If you have need of medical expertise, I would refer you to a more local physician. You came here to steal my timeship. EMH: That is simply not the case. Technology five hundred years more advanced than anything you've got. You'd love to get your hands on it.

You figured I'd be any easy target. Some backwards twentieth century Neanderthal that doesn't know what he's got. But you found out otherwise, didn't you? EMH: A paranoid response indicative of bipolar personality disorder. If my history is accurate, southern California in the late twentieth century had no shortage of psychotherapists, competent and otherwise. I suggest you find one. Now, return me to Voyager. I have to know my enemy.

Give me Captain Janeway's psychological profile. EMH: I'm a doctor, not a database. Start talking. EMH: Or suffer the consequences? I'm a hologram. I experience neither pain nor fear of death. You have no means of coercing me. Starling taps a key and proves him wrong. It's an interesting sensation, isn't it. EMH: I, I never realised. This is what burning feels like.

For a human to experience what you're going through right now, he'd have to be on fire. Starling turns it off, and the EMH falls to the carpet. EMH: How? Easy as proverbial pie. Feeling more co-operative? The intercom buzzes. Starling picks up the phone. Put her through.

Oh my god, I'm so scared. They're going to find me. I don't know what to do. RAIN: Everything's not okay. People are shooting at me! You're going to jump in a cab and come to my office. You'll be safe here. RAIN: No, they'll find me. Please come get me. RAIN: He bought it, sort of. RAIN: I don't know. His voice sounded a little suspicious.

We're going for a walk. EMH: In case you have forgotten, I can only appear in a room equipped with a holographic projection system. In short, I am going nowhere. Dunbar drives Sterling to Metro Plaza, and opens the back door for his boss. The EMH gets out of the other side and gazes around in awe. He has a device on left arm. Starling has something futuristic in his hand. Paris and Tuvok see them. That should take care of any radar detection. And I've configured the shields to disguise our visual profile.

Unless somebody gets right on top of us, we should look like a small twentieth century aircraft. We should be within range in about ten minutes. You can see the entire Baja Peninsula. I'd forgotten how beautiful the view is from this altitude. I never thought I'd see it again. My first year at the Academy. Then I went to Venus for a couple of months to learn how to handle atmospheric storms, and then I dodged asteroids for a semester in the belt. I remember dodging a few punches in the lab.

What if we can't find a way back? We'd have to keep low profiles. Maybe I could teach at a university or work on one of the important digs in Central America. There were still a lot of important discoveries to be made in this century. I could win a Nobel prize. Let's start our descent. Full power to thrusters. How is that possible? Are you within range? Another two minutes. You were awfully quiet on the ride over here.

EMH: I'm not programmed to make small talk. EMH: It's just another environment to me. If your shipmates start any trouble, you'll be holodust. Stand by for tricorder uplink. You'll be able to lock on the moment Starling is inside. Rain goes over to Starling. RAIN: What are you talking about? RAIN: Oh, my van is this way. RAIN: I left my stuff in the van. Is there a problem? RAIN: No. They're not going to the van. Starling, Rain and the EMH walk to the car. Then Rain sees Dunbar, and stops.

RAIN: That, that's the guy that tried to kill me. RAIN: Where are we going? You'll be safe there. RAIN: Office. They get in the car, the EMH in the front passenger seat this time.

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You're going to have to take him out of his own car. I've determined the coordinates. The EMH struggles with Dunbar. EMH: Run! Rain gets out and runs to Tuvok and Paris.

He's activated some kind of device. It's interfering with the transport. Starling is finally beamed away, and the EMH punches Dunbar's lights out. He gets out and runs, too. Dunbar drives away. RAIN: I guess so. EMH: I've been equipped with an autonomous self-sustaining mobile holo-emitter. In short, I am footloose and fancy free. KIM: Captain, we're close enough to the shuttle to use the short range transporter.

Lock directly onto the shuttle's pattern buffers and energise. Mister Kim, let's go. They've taken Starling off our hands. It's putting out some kind of interference signal. KIM: I'm isolating it, and suppressing the amplitude. Got him. Damn it. Medical emergency in Transporter room one. Voyager, we're going down! General tools on shelves, with cobwebs over them. Torres and Chakotay are lying on the floor, bound hand and foot. Torres wakes, then two men open the door and walk to the top of the stairs.

The leader is carrying a honking big gun. Butch, the one without a gun, goes to touch Torres' forehead, and she snarls at him. He recoils. Are you spying on us, Chief? Who sent you? We had engine trouble. They're wearing military uniform, flying a secret plane. They're coming for us. The Federal Government is the Beast. Just take us to our plane. Butch kicks Chakotay, and Torres kicks Butch's legs out from under him.

Porter readies his gun. Call for reinforcements. Butch leaves. Porter settles himself in a chair. Rain is driving. RAIN: I've gone out with guys who've disappeared into thin air on the first date. EMH: I assume she is speaking figuratively. And you, Mister Leisure Suit. EMH: There's a name I hadn't considered. RAIN: That guy punched you a bunch of times. You should have a black eye or a swollen lip, a broken nose. EMH: Try to relax. You appear to be hallucinating.

I'm hallucinating. The cellphone rings. Their shuttle went down over Arizona. Mister Kim is transmitting the co-ordinates to your tricorder. I want. Tuvok out. Mister Starling is under control. I suggest you return to Chronowerx and continue the business there. The Doctor and I must make our way to Arizona. KES: He suffered minor synaptic stress during the extended transport. admin