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The year-old Plummer earlier this year became the oldest actor ever nominated for an Oscar for his J.

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AP: When we spoke six years ago, you said the onset of your 80s made you feeling panicked at having enough time to accomplish what you wanted. Do you still feel that way? That kind of panic does not exist anymore. And in my 80s, I had another career.

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Plummer: The parts. I played everything in the theater. I still would like to do something else in the theater, of course. And not too shabbily. Now I want the same great parts, if I can, on the screen. And so far, yes. It never did any good to me at all. I just fell asleep. I just disappeared into myself. Boundaries finds Plummer playing against type, relaxed and caddish instead of prim and proper, the kind of post-hippie relic liable to fire up a vape pen with an old pal played by counter-culture icon Peter Fonda.

Christopher Plummer

I tried marijuana once — put me to sleep. I found it so boring! Plummer made headlines last winter when director Ridley Scott tapped him to replace a disgraced Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World , a retelling of the kidnapping that opened a bitter rift in an American oil dynasty. Ever the consummate professional, Plummer made it work and picked up an Oscar nomination along the way. I had one or two days before we hit England. To my great relief, I found that I could manage.

Christopher Plummer talks sadness and talent in 1964 interview

That risk had a fitting reward, netting Plummer awards attention and an unlikely bump in his online profile as the new go-to guy to step in for any and all fired actors. Am I getting awards attention just for keeping my lines straight on short notice? Problems Playing Video? Report a Problem Closed Captioning.

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Q&A: Christopher Plummer | Life and style | The Guardian

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